Interesting grey hat techniques that you need to avoid

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In the quest for ranking well in Google people tend to adopt few grey hat techniques that can be really harmful for them in the long run. The focus should always be on keywords and good content. Proper research and coming up with unique content can work wonders for your website without the need of any other grey hat technique. Some of the techniques that you should avoid are:

Preventing duplicate content

This is one of the most important point that should be there in your mind while you are working on your website. If you don’t know the value of good content then you will never be able to rank well on any search engine. Google being the primary search engine gives priority to unique content and you should make proper research before publishing any article. There are webmasters that use the technique of “article spinning” and try to use backlinks in order to rank well. But it is important to keep in mind that Google keeps updating its terms with time and you cannot expect to play with Google’s terms. In recent times the penguin update thrashed huge amount of websites and their rankings were hugely damaged. It is important that you learn from these mistakes and understand that “content is king”.

Buying backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important aspects of the SEO industry. If you have good backlinks then 80% of your job is done. But you need to make sure that these are original links and you they are not “paid links”. If you buy backlinks then the search engines will easily recognize the fake links and ban your website. It can be really dangerous for you and you will be heavily penalized. In order to understand the linking strategy you can take professional help. Whether it is a normal lawn care service or a SEO service you can easily get it online. If you’re looking for a good lawn mowing Elkhart, IN service then you can visit the website of Elkhart lawn care and order the service.

Keyword stuffing

Keyword strategy is another aspect that can determine your ranking. While you start with your content planning the first step is to search for “most searched keyword”. Once you have a list of keywords then you need to plan where you need to insert them in your article. Webmasters tend to stuff the keywords everywhere in their article and this leads to problems in the long term. Instead of overdoing things just take some professional help and the SEO professionals will easily help you plan out your keyword strategy. They can get the articles written for you and insert keywords properly with the flow of the articles.

Over optimization

As mentioned above, one should not “overdo” things. Instead of over optimizing your website just stay patient and work out a plan. It might take some time to rank well but you will get good results once you follow a good SEO strategy.

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