Trending SEO Techniques That You Can Tap For Your Online Business

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2016 is behind us and 2017 is still to lose its New Year sheen. That means you still have enough time to restructure and streamline your SEO strategy in order to go up in the SERPs. If is to be believed, nothing less than 12 billion searches are carried out on the web every month. For you it means you’ve near unlimited opportunities to promote your brand, increase traffic to your site, and take your business to the next level.

However, all your efforts to shore up your business will be in vain if you cannot take advantage of the latest SEO tactics trending on the net. Following are some of the state-of-the-art trends that you can make the most of in order to formulate a targeted SEO campaign.

  1. Refresh and update content on social media

Automated social networks have been hogging the limelight for many years now and it is predicted that their significance will go up in the days to come. Google’s algorithm updates attach great importance to content loaded by marketers and business on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter before according a rank to their websites on SERPs. Google’s search algorithms will be trawling social media platform for quality content for the purpose of website indexing.

  1. Optimizing your site for smartphones will be essential

The days of web surfers and browsers using the desktop or laptop are long over. These days, over 90% of those who go online are most likely to do so from a range of PDAs (portable digital assistants) including smartphones, tablets, and Android-powered watches. More than 1.2 billion people worldwide go online using their mobile gadgets. Therefore see to it that your site and/or SEO technique is fully optimized with respect to mobile devices.

  1. Explainer videos will help in boosting ranking

In the coming years, more people will be making a purchase decision after viewing an explainer video rather than read textual content. So, keep updating explainer videos that you’ve uploaded on your site.


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