Interesting grey hat techniques that you need to avoid

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In the quest for ranking well in Google people tend to adopt few grey hat techniques that can be really harmful for them in the long run. The focus should always be on keywords and good content. Proper research and coming up with unique content can work wonders for your website without the need of any other grey hat technique. Some of the techniques that you should avoid are:

Preventing duplicate content

This is one of the most important point that should be there in your mind while you are working on your website. If you don’t know the value of good content then you will never be able to rank well on any search engine. Google being the primary search engine gives priority to unique content and you should make proper research before publishing any article. There are webmasters that use the technique of “article spinning” and try to use backlinks in order to rank well. But it is important to keep in mind that Google keeps updating its terms with time and you cannot expect to play with Google’s terms. In recent times the penguin update thrashed huge amount of websites and their rankings were hugely damaged. It is important that you learn from these mistakes and understand that “content is king”.

Buying backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important aspects of the SEO industry. If you have good backlinks then 80% of your job is done. But you need to make sure that these are original links and you they are not “paid links”. If you buy backlinks then the search engines will easily recognize the fake links and ban your website. It can be really dangerous for you and you will be heavily penalized. In order to understand the linking strategy you can take professional help. Whether it is a normal lawn care service or a SEO service you can easily get it online. If you’re looking for a good lawn mowing Elkhart, IN service then you can visit the website of Elkhart lawn care and order the service.

Keyword stuffing

Keyword strategy is another aspect that can determine your ranking. While you start with your content planning the first step is to search for “most searched keyword”. Once you have a list of keywords then you need to plan where you need to insert them in your article. Webmasters tend to stuff the keywords everywhere in their article and this leads to problems in the long term. Instead of overdoing things just take some professional help and the SEO professionals will easily help you plan out your keyword strategy. They can get the articles written for you and insert keywords properly with the flow of the articles.

Over optimization

As mentioned above, one should not “overdo” things. Instead of over optimizing your website just stay patient and work out a plan. It might take some time to rank well but you will get good results once you follow a good SEO strategy.

Importance of SEO and content marketing

Search engine optimization has been the key for huge amount of businesses. It is important to understand all the aspects associated with it in order to be successful. Content marketing is no different and it is a part of SEO. When it comes to promoting any business and growing its reach, one should have a fair idea of content marketing. Some of the points that can help in understanding the importance of content marketing are:

Helps in getting backlinks

If you’re involved in website promotion then you will surely understand the importance of backlinks. Having good backlinks can work wonders for your website. Content marketing is one such factor that can help you in getting good backlinks. You need to make sure that you deliver quality content that is not copied from anywhere. Check for plagiarism and make sure that Google does not penalize your website. Google always ranks those sites that have good backlinks and it is important to get them through whitehat techniques.

Content marketing uses keywords

This is a common factor and most of us know the importance of good keywords. Optimization depends on placing the correct keywords in your content. Once you finish researching proper keywords for your niche, you need to strategically place them in your article. It is really important to be clever while placing the keywords.

Fresh content is always valued

Google loves fresh content and it is important that you keep putting up fresh content on your website. Good content gets indexed rapidly and provide value to your website. Consistency is really important. If you keep updating fresh stock of content you will get more and more viewers. This is one of the most important factors of content marketing. If you don’t value content then you will not be able to succeed in your SEO projects.

Trending SEO Techniques That You Can Tap For Your Online Business

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2016 is behind us and 2017 is still to lose its New Year sheen. That means you still have enough time to restructure and streamline your SEO strategy in order to go up in the SERPs. If is to be believed, nothing less than 12 billion searches are carried out on the web every month. For you it means you’ve near unlimited opportunities to promote your brand, increase traffic to your site, and take your business to the next level.

However, all your efforts to shore up your business will be in vain if you cannot take advantage of the latest SEO tactics trending on the net. Following are some of the state-of-the-art trends that you can make the most of in order to formulate a targeted SEO campaign.

  1. Refresh and update content on social media

Automated social networks have been hogging the limelight for many years now and it is predicted that their significance will go up in the days to come. Google’s algorithm updates attach great importance to content loaded by marketers and business on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter before according a rank to their websites on SERPs. Google’s search algorithms will be trawling social media platform for quality content for the purpose of website indexing.

  1. Optimizing your site for smartphones will be essential

The days of web surfers and browsers using the desktop or laptop are long over. These days, over 90% of those who go online are most likely to do so from a range of PDAs (portable digital assistants) including smartphones, tablets, and Android-powered watches. More than 1.2 billion people worldwide go online using their mobile gadgets. Therefore see to it that your site and/or SEO technique is fully optimized with respect to mobile devices.

  1. Explainer videos will help in boosting ranking

In the coming years, more people will be making a purchase decision after viewing an explainer video rather than read textual content. So, keep updating explainer videos that you’ve uploaded on your site.


Important SEO marketing tactics that you cannot miss

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Search engine optimization tactics keep evolving with time. SEO has taken the world of internet by a storm since the past decade. You need to make sure that you are aware of the new development in the world of internet. If you don’t keep yourself updated then you might miss out on important tricks that would affect your website. Some of the important tactics listed below are:

Branding your keywords in order to beat the competitor

You should make sure that you keep a track on the activities of your competitors.  Adwords has always been good for your website as it helps in sensing how much traffic can be driven from a particular keyword. Understanding the needs of potential customers is really important. Design a content strategy that drives more and more traffic in order to get sales for your business website.

Being foresighted while designing a content strategy

You need to make sure that you create a strategy that helps you rank well. Today almost every field faces stiff competition and you have to make sure that you plan out your content properly. If you are not good at SEO then you can hire professionals but make sure that you have a plan ready. The margin for error is really very less and understanding the future trends is really necessary.

Don’t go for trial and error method

If you’re not experienced with SEO then either learn it or hire a professional. You cannot go for a trial and error practice for your website. If you want to make money out of your website and have good sales then make sure that you have a correct plan. You can keep a track on the statistics of the website and check whether the professional is doing a good job or not.